Love and Obligation

New love, new sensation,
heaven breathing inside my lungs,
scattering star dust inside me,
my new abyss, my exotic caves,
blowing the rust off the gates,
settling down inside my being,
my new me floating in space,
lifted up by the rapture
that keeps me in mid air,
me the tenacious one,
dedicated to keep it there
and bask in the
glory of eternal love.
But after the honeymoon,
after the thrill, the rapture,
the eternal oath engraved
in the mind and soul
starts to fade and the
bindings of love start to loosen,
and the oath ingrained inside me,
my high command,
goes against my desires,
love becomes my obligation,
my duty to light the
flame of love again.
Back to the new air of love go I,
my unforgotten place in the world,
the trail that I blazed,
the climb to love’s summit
where I felt the hands of the divine
lifting me high into the clouds,
dedicated to find the spark again
to honor the requirements of love,
to stay with the flow of love,
to follow its command,
to drill the feeling back inside me,
to find the desire again
and live within the
guidelines of eternal love
where both desires are as one
and shared by each other.

This is my oath that I have to follow.

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