Love is a never ending journey
That is meant to keep flowing.
It flows through all the obstacles
That must be overcome.
It encounters the enemy on the way
And gives you the courage
To confront him.
It forces you to embrace him
As if he was your brother.
It makes you look at yourself
And find your own faults.
It makes you see his
Faults in you.
It makes you realize that
You both are the same.
It crowns you
For your reconciliation.
It gives you permission
To continue on
With your journey.
Love’s termination
Is the obstacle that
Stopped the flowing.
It was the result of your
Avoidance of your enemy.
It kept your hatred in your system
And disrupted the flow of love
And the feeling of joy in your heart.
It punished you for not
Obeying the rules of love.

This poem was based upon a sermon at church that I heard yesterday.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

“If you see a little mouse at least listen to it squeak...before gently merrily rowing your boat down the creek...” children’s rhyme.

The creek has many surprises and obstacles, being aware of where it’s going is paramount.
Yes sharing the stream will help you continue the journey. Merrily.

Thanks for sharing this Robert. Looking forward for more. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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