Reading Up On Passion

The Dictionary Said:
“A strong amorous feeling or desire.”
I read what the word passion meant.
My lover at the
Heat of the moment said:
The fire between us
Burned up all the words.
The devil’s scepter ignited the torch.
Words became charred fragments.
They came to me through my groin.
They sucked my reasoning out of me.
I was a rag doll enjoying the ride.
I was the devil’s advocate
And a herald of the angels,
All at the same time.
I twisted up passion and reasoning,
Holy and diabolic,
And sifted it through my throbbing fingers.
I ran naked through the fields shouting,
“I’m on fire. How glorious is thy flame!”
I danced to a clap of thunder.
I frolicked in the heat
Of a lightning bolt.
My insides came outside of me.
They led me to her creamy gates.
I plowed into her like a savage.
The beast in me talked to my spirit.
The wild grizzlies fled from me.
I exploded like a convulsive volcano.
I lay exhausted on the twisted bed.
Then I reverted back to the calm.
I learned how passion felt from her.

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