Appendages of steel and velvet and honey,
Of beauty, tenacity, charm, sweetness,
Poetic, tuneful, melodic, fiery, stirring,
Reach out into the depths of the infinite.
They summon the subconscious to surface,
Like beauty coming out to show her charms
And swim in the waters of earthly satisfaction,
As years layered upon years covered her face,
Waiting for the right moment for their unveiling,
Where the eyes of beauty melt the immobile air,
As it surfaces with the stirring of the blood,
And invites all members of the body to dance.
Beautiful graceful arms like a seagull in flight,
Clinging onto the heart and never letting go,
Casting wayward wanderers into slavery,
Sending warriors into battle
And lovers into flames,
Overseeing love and mentoring its movements,
Converting rhetoric into a celestial dream,
Settle in the heart as contented domiciles do.
Music, thou art the Goddess of beauty,
The daughter of the soul of love.
Come thou arms of thy body.
Wrap yourself around my heart
And take me to thy kingdom,
To where the infinite reveals itself
And lifts me up to thy melodic air.

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