Madness Unleashed

Mother Nature of sweetness and charity,
of innocent and saintly origins,
angelic smiles and glowing halos,
with loving arms and kindly eyes,
nestled in the lap of the humble skies,
over glassy waters and placid horizons,
guiding ships to their designated ports,
a lady of good fortune and reliability,
of contented but sometimes restless moods,
smiling but not smiling deep down inside,
two different people living in one body,
good and evil set in their ways
but giving into each other’s keeping
as the contentment turns into curiosity
and curiosity into envy and envy into action,
as the festering inside begins to form,
and the result turns into madness
and the madness explodes out into the air.
Black and gray clouds begin their swirling
as the devil twists them into metallic knots.
Beauty is in the snaking through the loops.
Fate is in the hands of the evil one
who rides into the air on a spirited steed
with his scepter pointed toward the sea.
Serpents arise from under the surface
and thrash their colossal tails in the water.
Battle cries are in the claps of the thunder
and passion is in the bolts of lightning.
The sea is a battlefield of the good and bad,
the good in submission to the bad,
being blended into a witch’s brew.
Hell becomes the new heaven above.
Hurricanes are the new deities,
the evil gods that speak in a wicked tongue,
who move toward the shores
in their acts of demolition,
who assault the land and wreak havoc.
Then they look around at the damages and smile,
those ugly hurricanes that love the warm waters,
who arise with the angels and play with the devil.
And they keep coming with no end in sight.

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