The Dream Machine

Dream machines of a melodious kind,
Sending images to the ear of the mind,
Running on passion and electric tears,
Up to the paradise through all the gears,
Into ancient castles and up and over moats
On the wings of flying horses in purple coats,
As music wanders from land to another land,
A journey into the infinite before time began,
A never ending dream of an imaginary sort,
A ship flying over oceans to a lofted port,
The ascending rain up to the skyward earth,
Dancing with the tempest and rolling in mirth,
Nay a time as a passing event,
A moving of the hours as an earthly intent,
The dream built by music and imagination
Brought to life in a surreal presentation.
Music, thou hast taken me to unfamiliar places
Where life is another life with unfamiliar faces.
Music with thy arms to never let me go,
I surrender to thy spirit and heavenly glow.

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