Eyes with magnets tucked inside,
with mystic pools and tender tears,
melodic arms reaching out into the air,
fingers dancing to the sound of silence,
lighthouses amassed upon the shores,
bright lights bringing harbors into view
from churning waters to the calm inside,
the quietude of the turbulent heart,
the taming of the hungry beast,
the love that’s inside all the chasms,
magnetic eyes that suck everything up
into a mysterious garden
that flourishes from every smile
and every tear that flows,
the sun and rain and passion breathing,
the fruits of love that grow on the vines,
the tendrils that look around
for security’s sake,
that twist themselves around a stronger love,
a love that bleeds its heart into it,
a flourishing to strengthen the growth,
magnetic eyes that make the gardens grow,
that shower down from heavens above,
that spread the love to the chosen one,
the one who placed himself
in view of the woman with
the magnetic eyes,
that cast her nets into the sea
and pulled her beloved out of the depths
and into the depths of her,
the proof that her eyes are magnetic,
that love is not a word but a power,
a strength that can dethrone kings,
that can pull everything its way,
that can keep on going
until the rivers run out of themselves
and the earth breathes its last breath,
going on and on and on and on.

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Robert L. Martin
11 mesi

If I saw eyes like the ones in the picture, I sure would be drawn to her. Don't tell my wife. I'd have to sleep in the dog house after that.

Nelson D Reyes
11 mesi

...mesmerizing magnetic eyes...beware locking eyes with her...not the kind that looks down...

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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