Misery Seeks Company

Every day, the boy sat at his desk in school, too ashamed of himself to lift his head up.  His teacher tried to cheer him up, but it didn’t work.  He was just miserable.  His classmates bullied him and called him all kinds of names..  He had no friends at all.  The school counselor tried to help him to no avail.  Finally his teacher found out that his troubles started at home.
He never saw his mother.  She was out in the streets looking for her next shot of heroin.  His father in his drunken rage, would beat him regularly while his brothers watched and laughed.
One day, the teacher gave the class a writing assignment; a brief summary of their thoughts and ideas.  When she read the boy’s writings, she couldn’t help but cry.  She gave the boy an A+++ when she graded his paper, then put a note on it to meet her after school.
While her eyes were tearing up, she said that his prose was the most peaceful and beautiful she had ever read.  She encouraged him to go to college and got him a full scholarship.  His family tore him down while his teacher built him up.
The nature of humanity in its restless angry state, looks to build its own self-esteem by tearing down other’s.  They look for someone vulnerable enough to let them do it.  When they see success in others, they become jealous and resentful; so they attack them in any way they can.
They have no idea that they are righteous themselves, but that attribute is hidden far within.  It would take a miracle to bring it to the surface.  The Holy Spirit is filled with everything beautiful, intelligent and sacred.  If it ever surfaced, that transformation would be overwhelming; hatred replaced by love.
The boy’s domestic abuse didn’t affect his pure thoughts.  He still kept them throughout all his adversity.  Too often, teachers have to give their students the love and understanding that their families don’t give them.  Thank God for her.

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