My Blessings

My Blessings

I feel absolutely wonderful, and what a marvelous day this is!  I feel like dancing my way across the skies.  I am so lucky that God cares for me so much.  He heals my wounds when I am hurt.  He makes sure I am well fed by granting me fertile soil to grow crops and the ingenuity to cultivate them.
He gave me the animals to use at my disposal; for slavery or companionship.  He gave me a sense of humor so I can laugh with my friends.  He gave me a mate to start a family with.
He wrote a book for me to read every day so I can grow closer to him.  He created me in the image of him, so that I can fulfill my dreams of becoming a shadow of that image.
For this, I shall always be eternally grateful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, my Lord.

Featured in "Prayerworks," Devotional Magazine

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