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My Lady in Red

My Lady in Red
From deep inside the cold dark forest
I heard a voice, a melody at best
Crying, singing, calling my name
My spirits rose, my call to fame
A love song entered my empty soul
Crawling came I, from my darkened hole
At the opening, I looked around outside
Nothing was there, an empty dream beside
From the forest, I saw her at the glen
Dressed in red, a tantalizing blend
I followed her over hill and dale
Along a narrow worn out trail
Into a den under the harvest moon
Her white thighs, soft roses in bloom
She bid me to touch with my trembling hands
Higher than all kings in all the lands
Her gentle mouth grew to what length
Her delicate limbs gathered in strength
Her long razor teeth bit into my flesh
Soon I was her own, her groom so fresh
Together we sing under the harvest moon

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