Nomadic Appeasement
Always wandering but to his choice
Houses are four walls with no voice
A narrow prison that stifles his breath
A sentence handed down until his death
Where his heart leads him to and fro
He follows as nomadic spirits grow
The earth is an enchanting dream to discover
Like a new bride from her own zealous lover
Houses are divided for all to live apart
Nomads live inside their contented heart
Home is a place to develop peaceful deeds  
To take him where the sagacious spirit leads
Where only a few are brave enough
To find that nomadic appeasement

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J Ann Crowder
over 3 years

I often wonder if there isn't beauty to be found in loneliness. Sometimes we can be surrounded by people and still feel alone. Sometimes we can be alone and never feel alone. For me this has everything to do with my relationship with God. When I am not working on that, I begin to feel like a wanderer again.

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