The mouth stared through the yard
The morning’s night sang real songs for Charles
A monk drove through a big basket yesterday
Fredrick sat on the crapper for two cats at dawn
The child hit the mountain with a rock
The boar cried because it got hit with a spitball
Tom’s moth flew up to Mary’s hair and laughed
The forest ran to the river and sat down beside it
The bird ate a tree and then fell on top of it
I got my ruck muck ready for the dance
Ten Slovakian dogs peed on the moon tomorrow
The orangutan flew to the sky and laughed all the way
The forceps got up and ran through the night
The door sat in the lily pod and chewed the knob
The bad guy pooped in his pants at the twilight
Sally ate her dog and drove her hot rod to the levee
The ghost went to the barber shop for a shave
The nail drove a hammer into a big sandwich
The car sang a love song to a petrified truck
The tsetse fly carried the elephant to the zoo
The statue ran away from a curtain and hid
The ear ate the mouth and heard it laughing all the way
The toe kicked the foot up to the petunia garden
Frank’s giraffe won the beauty contest at the gala
I moved my slaggerbump into my new thingamajig
Fourteen elves took showers in Sam’s new Chevrolet
Miss America sat on the can but pooped in her bed
The minnow gave birth to a whale then flew away
The song sang the singer as it sang the singer’s song
The weirdo sat on the barn and painted his butt
The dock drove the boat onto pinktified landings
The juniper ate the stick that ate the cabbage
Eldridge’s cat flew into the woods for a night cap
The horse got drunk when the mouse went berserk
The nut house laughed at the dude with the three legs
Miss Chiterpants got her finger stuck in her soup
I took my mugratafer to the mugratafer repair shop
Wow! Is that ever weird.

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Robert L. Martin
9 meses

I forgot about this poem. I wrote it years ago. It sure is weird alright.

Charlotte B. Williams
9 meses

Ha ha haaaa how in the world could you think of all the ingenious nonsense.

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