Ode to a Soldier

Dear God.  If I were a soldier, this would be my prayer.  Give me the strength and the courage to be a martyr like Jesus, with his soft eyes and valiant spirit.  His sacrifice allowed our sins to be washed away and the gateway of heaven to be revealed to us.  On the battlefield, I shall repeat these words, “For the glory of God,” for you are always on my side.  I vow to always face my enemy head on and bear no weaknesses.
Jesus fulfilled his mission on earth by making no compromises to escape the jaws of death.  While I follow in his footsteps, I vow to fight and die for all just causes that I truly believe in, so my brothers can reap what I have sown for them.  Amen.

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Robert L. Martin
9 months

Thank you Isaac.

Isaac Eustice
9 months

A psalm!

Shemené Kok
over 4 years


Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I was thinking of you when I wrote it

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 5 years

My heart was touched as I read these words of truth, and sacrifice. Amen.

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