From the dust of the ground he arose
With appendages reaching out and
Moving his body wherever he desired
Thus, he became the image of his creator
I live through my forefather’s visions
My hands extended, my needs to meet
My want to fulfill, my portion of plenty
My earth, my gardens, my orchards
Hands, the life-line of the prosperous  
The tools of the laborious
A farmer, a carpenter, a mason, a potter
A sculptor, a writer, a musician, a romantic
Graceful stories from a lyrical dancer
Her poem, her realm, her private island
Her passion, her lover, her diary
Her fruits, her sorrow, her jubilation
A representation of the diversity of life
Through various minds that keep it going
Different passions working together
The fruits of their desires
Our hands, the tools
That fulfill the
Visions of our

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