Olympic Ballade

Two lovers on skates,
music weavers weaving into one,
one dream, one ballade, one sunset,
one rhapsody, one song, one space,
soaring, upward lifting,
smooth landings
with the arms of music enveloping,
guiding, holding, caressing,
placing love lyrics inside the
ears of their hearts made into one,
cutting edges in the rigid ice,
bending it with teary rhapsodies,
melting it with a heated passion,
making circles and moons and stars
in the face of the fluid floor,
the threads of passion entwining,
moving in and out of each other,
Olympic lovers in the their loving,
reaching inside with fervid scopes,
beholding the beauty of the music,
letting it fill their hearts,
letting it move their limbs,
letting it reach down to the skates,
moving them to the pulse of the music
in proud submission
to music’s authority,
the music God’s sitting
upon their thrones,
sending them on a journey,
empowering them to reach the
summit of their Olympic dream.
Hail to the two of them
made into one with each other.

I got inspired from watching the skaters in pairs at the Olympics last night.

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