The domination of passion.
the desire to get close to it,
to brush it against your cheek,
the feeling of its texture,
the need to feel it in the spirit,
to possess that feeling,
to become intimate with it,
to let it pleasure you,
to submit to its charm,
the way it flows within you,
the wanting to flow with it,
loosening up your moral inhibitions
as you lose yourself in the flowing
and ride with the current
to wherever it takes you.
The domination of reason,
the duty to honor the dignity within,
to conform to its rules,
to think before
submitting to your passion,
to let duty bind your wayward spirit
and evaluate your playful spirit,
to laugh and love
with morality in mind,
to stay above the desires
of the beast within,
to read about passion
but not let it flow,
to be able to control
yourself at all times
as you live half of a life.
Flow with the river of passion
and be sure of where you’re going.

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Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 1 año

Thanx Nelson

Nelson D Reyes
alrededor de 1 año

Love-the confluence of passion and reason
makes for a compassionate lasting relationship.

Loved it. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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