What wonderful beings these people are. I see them every day and wonder what type of life they lead. I see the whole world in front of me, representatives of different countries. I see a wide variety of statures, skin tones, and facial features. The people can tell me about their own country’s  traditions, and customs. Everyone is different from one another. Everyone is so interesting. They all have complex minds, full of interesting revelations and theories; just like reading a book. I love to talk to them and learn. Everyone knows something that I don’t know.
Ditch diggers can tell me about the composition of various soils. Farmers can tell me about weather patterns and predictions. Doctors can tell me about the human anatomy and how to treat different ailments. Preachers and rabbis can tell me about God. Computer experts have a lot to teach me. Everyone is so proud of what they know and most happy to pass that knowledge onto me.
Most everyone has a good sense of humor. Besides just learning, fellowship is so much fun, especially adding more humor to a good joke. The same joke never ends up the same way it started out. Each one that has another line to add on, increases his or her creativity in a humorous way, and the bystanders can laugh with the rest who infectiously pass it on to the next. Laughter always makes me feel better. We can all stretch our imagination in a therapeutic way.  We can love each other even more, as we draw closer to one and another, and ultimately to God, the most joyful.
Being with these people is like having a presidio built around me to protect me from any harm. I am no longer lonely or afraid. I have friends that I can laugh and cry with. Through them, I feel more charitable, since they are like family and in need of my input. I am no longer an outsider thinking about how superior I am. Each one of them knows something that I don’t know. It sure is wonderful being with people. I’d rather be with them more than anywhere else.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thank you, Nelson. I got the picture from the Poeticous picture album. Thank you for telling me the painter of it.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Beautifully written. It says the all that we are as humans. Could easily extend to our beautiful friends in nature as well. We are lucky living here today this time in human history. Yes conflicts are everywhere but none are beyond resolution that would immediately be settled in annihilation and subjugation like in the past. We have like you said a good sense of humor and that’s very important for our well being and our sense of sanity.
One of my favorite artists Pieter Bruegel and his Peasant Wedding painting. Love it! Very appropriate cover photo for this wonderful great poem.
Like. Fave. Thanks Robert.

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