Broken pieces laying on the ground,
egos shattered and hope drained out,
shackles squeezing the joyful heart,
tomorrows of bleak winters ahead,
idleness creeping into the mind
where dreams used to be,
a blanket of despair drapes
about the shoulders
as the bottom shows its ugly teeth,
and friends of old, friends no more.
One loyal friend with compassion
and joy in his heart,
trespassing at the home of gloom,
an invader of privacy,
a lover of friendship,
a hater of brotherly affliction,
a restorer of dreams,
a spark that ignites the
flame of self-esteem
and rehabilitation,
the transference of the joy within
becomes the road to prosperity.
The broken pieces are strengthened
by the feeling of sorrow as a
rebellion against the joy of creation,
the recognition of its affect
on the human spirit
and the desire to get out of it
by any means; hence,
the reconstruction of the self-esteem,
and the rising from the pits
of self pity and gloom.
Friendship needed
and friendship awarded.

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Nelson D Reyes
5 months

A new page. A toast to continued fellowship, a camaraderie. Your cup of tea is my glass of wine and vice versa.

Here’s to you, Robert, my friend. Thank you for enjoying my work as well.

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