Solitude, alone from the turbulence in the soul, is a hush of silence that lives and thrives from the lull of the day, as if everything stopped to pay homage to it.  It acts by itself with the strength to channel our thoughts to whatever we wish them to do.  It is a meditation of might that silences the commotion of the world at its frenzied pace.

It is forever at peace with itself, because it is nothing and has nothing to wage war against.  It is the stillness that travels the universe and smiles with the order of the planets.

Solitude gives us the time and space to collect our thoughts or the time and space   to not think at all.  Each one is an avenue to the pursuit of spiritual exaltation.  

If the merits of solitude are hidden from our awareness, it can be a curse that pulls us down to our own destruction.  The madness of isolation gushes through our veins and abides by new truths that are reinvented in our own minds, because we have no one to help us rationalize our thoughts.  We are one against the world and its sanity.

If we seek the company of others and use it to escape the silence that annoys us, we deprive them of their silence that consoles them.  If they abandon us because of it, then solitude is a misconstrued evil that is forced upon us; hence, it is not the fruit of our desires, but something that we want to rid ourselves of.  Our lack of understanding of what solitude does for us increases the restlessness in the soul.  We are our own physician that controls our own destiny.

Solitude is a mother of mercy that weeps for us and bestows upon us a remedy to cure our own sorrow; to drink from the cup of silence and enlighten our days henceforth.

From my book entitled, "In Reverence to Life."

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