Out in front with much to hide,
Plastic smiles come out on cue.
Behind the scenes is life as it is,
In front is life as it appears to be.
Television is a rose colored world,
A symbol of American well being,
A look into the world of the contented,
The commanding faces of its delegates,
A laborious attempt to get into the mood,
To smile and cover up the pain,
The ability to change from the ugly
To the beautiful on a whim,
To show that all Americans are happy,
The ones out in front of the camera,
The ones with plastic smiles,
The ones who can hide from their pain,
The convincing ones
Who lost their identity,
But the ones that the
American audience demands to see,
The Americans who live with pain
And can’t hide the truth,
Who need a symbol of well being,
To see someone to represent it,
In hopes of it being communicable,
Who see someone with a plastic smile,
Thinking that the true self is revealed,
Oh that world of the one
In front of the T.V. camera
With that convincing smile,
Who seems to be so contented.
Americans want to be
Just like him.

It must be hard to pretend that you are happy when you aren't.

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