Poor old George was sitting in front of his hand-me-down worn out television set in his seedy hotel room, salivating over the advertisement, “Buy this beautiful brand new Mercedes Benz for only $599.00 a month and $2,999.00 due at signing, so come on down and drive it away today.” Since he was so poor, all he could do was fantasize about driving it away.
He had no plan in his early years for when he got older and couldn’t work. He was a self employed laborer in his earlier days until he hurt his back on the job. He got paid under the table, paid no taxes, and had no insurance. The only money he got was from a rich brother that gave him a few dollars once in a while because he felt sorry for him.
After watching that same ad over and over on the TV every day, he sunk further into his depression until he gave up all hope of ever picking himself up and out of it. All he could think about was ending his sad and lonely life. So one day he found a sturdy rope and hung himself in his room.
Prudence is a lesson taught by all creatures. Without it, the species will perish from the earth. It is a natural intuitive power inside that makes them act with an unerring providence of instinct, the willful duty at hand to make a nest for the young in order to preserve their future, the same as theirs’ was preserved. Poor old George had the power of prudence within, but chose to neglect it. Through his laziness and indiscretion, he lost sight of the future and didn’t plan for it. Deep down inside he became envious to all those who made a good life for themselves, but since it was too late to do anything about it, he chose to end his life.
Man and creatures aren’t that fat apart in how they conduct their lives. It is how the power of reason drove mankind to think their way out of obeying life’s requirements to think ahead and prepare for the future.
George was the only one to be blamed for his misfortunes. If he would have acted upon the laws of intuition and prepared himself for the future, he would have been prosperous, contented, and happy.

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