The Intrusion

The laws of the land are a protective shield from the perils of iniquity that invade the master spirit of the earth, that effervescent torch that lights the lamp of peace.  Like a mother of mercy, it wipes away the tears from the bosom of injustice, and makes the heart a sanctuary and sings a silent revelry to the joy of bliss.
With your steadfast spirit basking in the comfort of peace, let the breath of wisdom guide your appetite. Let the wings of your heart enfold your passion and carry you to the paradise of your dreams.    
Arm in arm, they shall uphold the laws of the land and make a covenant with the commandments of God.  Religion and justice, when the two shall become one, is a marriage made in heaven and consummated with a doctrine of faith, withstanding the test of time, more resolute than the pillars of granite.
The door to its eternal bliss remains open for those who seek the union of God for however they wish to enter.  Keep your hearts and minds open and pay reverence unto their beliefs no matter how strange or primitive they seem to be.  If benevolence shall be the root of their religion, the spirit of it dwells in the heart of God, whose righteousness rules the world and the life of it.  
What judgment passed upon you says that benevolence is evil or wrong?  If the nature of it is kindness that makes the earth tolerable to life and the iniquities of it, shouldn’t that be a creed to live by?
God’s word is absolute.  The free will that he bestows on mankind, gives him the freedom to bend but not break the branches that sprout from the tree of life to keep pace with the desires of man.  The roots keep it firmly entrenched in the ground to reinforce the word of God.
The intruder is like the tempest that ravages the forest and chokes the breath from it, oblivious to the wisdom that gave life to it.  It imposes its will upon their beliefs.  Self absorbed in its manner, it mocks their rituals of faith.  For what they devote themselves to, becomes and object of ridicule.  As the artist stands in awe of the beauty of the skies, so must the intruder to the intimacy of faith.
Since wisdom is invisible to the naked eye, interpreting it spurs many beliefs as to how, where, and why the presence of it.  Laws from an unseen source vary to suit the unstable appetites of man.  Distant concepts flow from distant shores.
Philosophers writing empty words upon pages of parchment deny the existence of God, but their shortcomings are only harmless.  
Wars between theologians and their separate beliefs have been waged, spilling the blood of the land while verbal controversy is merely an exercise to stretch the limits of the mind, supporting the concept of free will.
Religion is a breath of wisdom that flows from the heart of God, delicate as a song bird. The life of it is at the mercy of faith.  The strength of it withstands the jaws of intrusion that trespass onto the land.  The weakness of it withers away like the fading mist.  God smiles upon the onlooker and not the intruder.

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