Harbingers afore the early spring,
Messengers of the busy clouds that bring
The Boreal breath of winter’s wrath
Floating down along Khione’s path
Through corridors lined with crystal white,
Dancing on air in angelic flight
Goddess of the snow of Grecian lore,
Beautiful Khione to the earthen floor.
She sits upon the mountain tops
In her white chiffon and golden locks
Waiting for the spring to warm her feet
And turn to rain in the soothing heat.

I wrote this for the Belt & Beyond magazine

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Robert L. Martin
2 months

Thanx Nelson

Nelson D Reyes
2 months

Waiting for the Snow Goddess Khione’s spring avatar of warmth and colors in the sub-Borealean.
Hope to see her Argonaut brothers.

Thank you Robert for a taste of early Spring.


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