Precision Devotees

Precision Devotees
A marriage of music and love
Where notes are consummation beds
Tender caresses and tears together
A maestro as a musical deity
An ensemble of many into one
A music family undivided
A father preaching to his disciples
Disciples passing on his wisdom
A deep respect for all siblings
A dedication to hear each breath
A deep love of every sound
A precise timing to support it
A strength to give it strength
A hand to unify each sound
A heart to keep it flowing
An ensemble creed in the breath
As precision devotees play on
When the music comes your way
Let it reach every crevasse
Of your being
Lift up your violin with a deep love
For she is your beautiful bride
On this your wedding night
Caress the sound with every breath
Cross the strings with silken movements
Throw yourself into a sea of tenderness
Let your tears mingle with hers
Let that mingling tell a sweet story
Keep love and music alive
Play on, precision devotees, play on

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