The Offering

To the Gods and their generous offerings,
Their speech of melodious enchantment,
The way they free it from its bondage,
The way they knead it and make it pliable,
The way they cast it into open spaces,
Of how they bend and shape it into a song,
Of how they direct it to a certain place,
How the ears were designed to receive it,
How it feels when it enters into the heart,
The way it mingles with the spirit inside
And plants a thrill in the loin,
The way it forms a metrical cadence,
Of how it reaches the arms and legs
And invites us to the dance of euphoria,
The emancipation of the spirit,
The direct communication to the Gods,
The love of all things unseen but heard,
Of a creation not of this material world,
But a world of beauty and bewilderment,
A love long dedicated to life and the living,
Of reason exalted to the height of passion,
Of a sound that climbs up to the summit
And touches the hand of the Gods,
Whose tears mingle with the climber’s tears,
The one whose body belongs to the spirit,
The spirit that cast a spell
And sent the sound on its sacred mission.
An ode to the music and its
Pilgrimatic intentions.

Accepted for publication by Magnum Opus for anthology book entitled "Phenomenal Literature."

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