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Sacred Roots

The upper left hand corner
of the story of life,
untouched by soiled hands,
of the book written by the almighty
and blessed in the
psalms of the angels,
where life began as a sacred journey
and a freedom to roam the enigmatic skies,
a ride with the winds of fate,
a choice of what avenue to take,
a prudential road built by sacred hands,
a faith in its sturdy construction,
a learning of the subsequent destinies,
a feeling of assurance
that it will take us there,
or an unstable road swayed by the wind,
paved in glitter and alluring smiles,
a perilous journey to unknown outcomes,
a carefree ride into untried pleasures,
a wild romp with the winds of the tempest,
a ride with the flow of the adrenalin,
a feeling of sensual gratification,
a letting go of memories of the
sacred roots that sent us on our journey
as we travel on the road to our destiny.
But the road always ends
back at our sacred roots
no matter how we choose to get there,
spiritually contented of led by lust,
a painful of painless life,
brought forth by sacred hands
and delivered into the same hands
at the end of the journey.

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Charlotte B. Williams
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