Garden of loveliness and loneliness,
birds conversing in sophisticated
rhythms and expressive pitches,
trees bearing luscious green leaves,
zephyrs rolling off the mountains,
lions and gazelles at play
in the valleys,
he, sitting aside the river bed
breathing in the pure air,
contented but not fully contented,
she, emitting a strange scent,
rides in on the wings of pleasure,
an exotic being that brings on a
thrill to his listless body,
a burst of energy that takes over,
a sensation that drives him
to reach out and touch her,
to lie down with her
and let the power of pleasure take
over his astonished mind and body,
she of significant influence
from pleasure desired
and pleasure taken
from the joy of the
laws of propagation,
her powers to alter stubborn minds,
to exploit the weakness in man,
her kindness toward all things,
a disciple of the divine love that
brings man to the altar in his soul,
exerts her influence over him,
fights off the ills that come to him
while remaining close until death,
she of of mysterious charms
and loving heart,
she, the embodiment of beauty.

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Robert L. Martin
2 months

The Garden of Eden and the loneliness of it, even though it is so beautiful. Something lacking and something fulfilled.

Nelson D Reyes
2 months

He “contented but not fully contented,”...a monkey mind at the moment in front of a beauty with “powers to alter stubborn minds”.
And he melted.

Like you, I simply llove and adore women. Yes plural!

Nice. Like. Thanks Robert.

Robert L. Martin
2 months

So much charm and influence alright. That's for sure

Charlotte B. Williams
2 months

I feel complimented to think we women can embody so much influence,
and so much charm. Enjoyed.

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