You are:
A replica of God’s handiwork,
A generation of life’s longing for itself,
Endowed with an undiscovered beauty
With a skin that protects and attracts,
With the power to lure your future mate
With an instinct to love and nurture.
You are:
A progressive generation of well-being
In a body approaching perfection
With a network of generative parts,
Each functioning in a supportive manner.
You have a sense to find
And restore all the flaws,
With a mind gathering more wisdom,
With a mind to store which you gathered,
With a God given talent to be carried out,
With the desire to move toward perfection,
With a sense of what perfection is,
With the ability to discern right and wrong,
With a conscience to reinforce your decision,
With a mind to rule over all the creatures,
With the need to enslave them
Or tame them and offer companionship,
And with the power to know what you have.
You are:
A most intelligent being,
Superior to all animals and creatures,
Capable of knowing
What you want to know,
More beautiful than you think,
And wiser than you think you are,
Beautiful person that you are.

We all know more than we think we do.

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