Sounds of Freedom
As the ordinary grows tired
And the music sits still
Old avenues lose their luster
And bright colors begin to fade  
Like vibrant leaves come autumn
Wanderers search for new paradises
Tearing down fences in the wilderness
Familiar with the ordinary
And so casting out the tired  
Bringing in the extraordinary
With the music all dressed up
In its finest wear and
Flamboyant costumes
With disapproval on the lips of many
And opposing forces with nervous hands
In their vain attempt to subdue the music
It picks up strength and opens the doors
Slaves to no one and no traditions
It breaks free from its shackles
A keeper of its own self, its own identity
Its image carved in monuments
The bold has become the free at last
Popularity lost its battle of prominence
The sound of freedom reigns
And begins to take root
As culture begins its evolution at last
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!

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