Big hands are pulling me out of a tunnel.
I’m scared and start to cry,
Then look around.
There is a big happy lady
With tears in her eyes.
She holds me to her breast and sings to me.
I hear a beautiful sound
And learn to drink her milk.
She will take me home
And show me to her friends.
I’ll smile and say
The same words that she does.
I’ll watch her when she walks
And do the same.
I love to run and jump and play and scream.
She told me to stop. It hurts her ears,
But I don’t care.
She’s crying as she dresses me up
For my first day at school.
I’ll meet new friends there
And start to become independent.
I love learning and want to be
A doctor like my mother.
I studied hard and graduated from med school.
I got a job at the hospital
And made my mother proud.
She started to weaken as she grew older.
She passed away, and I lost my best friend.
She endured all my insolence
And my rebellions.
She was so loving,
And I will surely miss her.
Every Mother’s Day I will visit her grave.

This is the longer version of "The Curious Attraction."

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Robert L. Martin
about 3 years

Thanx Nelson. I lost my mother in 1993. I sure miss her.

Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

Sad and happy. Mothers are always there nourishing us...from everywhere. This is why we say “I love you Mom” on Mother’s Day and at all times in our heart. Love this one. Thanks Robert.


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