Trumpets on high and violins aglow,
sounding tympanis and basses below,
cellos blending with sweetness in the air,
approaching brightness and vibrant flair,
moonlight fading with the impending sun,
breaking through the clouds so tightly spun,
sitting on the horizon at heaven’s feet,
where earth and sky rise up to meet,
angel voices of gilded harps in harmony,
the rhythm of the silence in sweet ecstasy,
the clouds attired in satin and white lace,
blowing off the stardust into deep space,
the sound of the abyss and rhythm forgotten,
snare drums hushed in fields of cotton,
preludes not heard but riding with the sun
as sound becomes poetry and daylight begun,
an ode to the melodious sunrise,
“To my being hast thou mesmerized.”

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