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Surface Sorcery

The sorceress hidden in the surface
Waving her magic wand with
The power to affect all judgment,
To seep into the eyes of the beholder,
To get inside the mind
With her transforming powers,
Run down the corridors to the heart
With her flaming torches
On a mission to perplex all opinions,
Gets to the root of judgment
And finds the key to its vulnerability
And the way to make it change;
Hence the transformation
Of  basic thought,
The blinding of the judicious eyes,
The good overcoming the bad,
The sweet sugar-coating the sour,
The beautification of the ugly,
The shielding of the elements inside,
The smiles of the forsaken,
The assumed morality of the beast,
A new world for the common man,
A lifting of his spirits,
A calming of his anxiety
And the transformation of the self,
From the she of sorcery,
The paradox of beauty,
The embellishment of the surface,
Of the truth re-truthed,
The inflexible made pliant,
Of the bad made good,
The world made Utopia
And the transformation
Of the common man.

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