Pleasure dressed up in its Sunday’s best
Its sweet aroma climbing up Savor’s Crest
Rousting the senses from their slumbering state
Lo behold, ahead lies pleasure’s gate
All senses on the alert for heaven so fresh
Passion chants as it creeps into the flesh
Sweet lips making love to pleasure surges
As a sensual feeling in the palate emerges
Vineyards rejoice at your immediate acceptance
As they endured dusty days and sorted pestilence
When you lifted your glass to your approving lips
The thrill of pleasure arrived at your fingertips
An ode to the wine and the winding vineyards
Along heaven’s streets and nature’s boulevards
Where sweetness gathers at the light of day
And tastes the dawn as it dances with the ray
A taste so invigorating, a taste so exhilarating
A taste of pleasure, a taste to treasure

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