Walking down a perfect path,
Leading into a perfect forest
Of perfect trees with perfect leaves,
He came about the perfect damsel
Sitting by a stream with her
Perfect feet dangling in the water,
Her skirts hiked above her perfect knees,
With a smile revealing her perfect teeth.
His heart jumped a few beats
But in perfect rhythm as he
Introduced himself to her.
On their first date,
Everything went perfect.
Their first kiss was the perfect
Beginning of a perfect relationship.
The wedding ceremony was perfect,
Outside on a perfect sun drenched day
With violins playing in perfect harmony.
The wedding night went perfect
As they consummated their wedding.
Her body was perfectly beautiful.
Life was the perfect example
Of a perfect marriage until....
That & ^ $ @ * big fat bitch!
When she eats, there’s nothing left.
When she bathes, the dirt hides in her folds.
When she walks, the earth shakes.
When she snores, the thunder thunders.
When she curses, all hell rises up.
When she smacks him, he smacks her back.
When she bosses him, he does the opposite.
When she’s gone, he flies out of his cage
To taste that wonderful world of freedom.
When she comes back, he runs and hides.
I guess nothing is perfect these days.

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2 months

this was great. The main reason is because you surprised me ...I love it when writers write beautifully as they do.. then come to a place where they change their voice for effect..harshly and suddenly...wether you meant to or not i dont know...but it made this a powerful read..and quite sad..

Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Can poets submit other poets' names to "The Pulitzer Prize?" I thought it was just publishers.

Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

That would be great. Thanx, Nelson.

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

The perfect imperfection!

Dirt in her folds! Ugh! The perfect disgusting disgust!

Love your poems at all times. Entertaining, thought provoking, deep, sensual, touching all the sundries of nature and life and more...the celestial and fantasies. What a great poet you are cranking poems 24/7. I think I’ll get your name to the Pulitzer Prize for Literature/Poetry or Nobel Prize/Literature. I am seriously considering this.

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