Fragile shoots from tender flowerings
from father vines and mother’s milk,
rise up on unsteady legs
to find the way and kiss the sun,
stretching out into fruited vineyards,
grabbing onto stable stems
with spiraling tendrils that
reach around in the name of security
and remain in another’s custody;
hence the life of dependency.
Human tendrils of love
in chains for the sake of control,
search for love to gain and keep
with an obsessive love that
dominates the mind and soul,
that fills the heart with hope,
unaware of love’s desires
to be free and self sufficient,
that circles around and never lets go,
carrying hopes for love to return,
the other love that is there and free
to be self sustaining and confident,
arms itself against
all invading tendrils.
Tendrils cling onto another vine
strong enough to support itself
as Mother Nature made it that way.
Love’s tendrils cling onto another love
with hopes of making a bond
so tight that the rivers of freedom
can’t flow through it, where it has
no room to be free and flourish.
Love has to be independent
and mature like the
father vine that stands
alone in the vineyard.

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Robert L. Martin
11 meses

Thanx Nelson

Nelson D Reyes
11 meses

This is why we thrive-our tendrils in life ensure that we get the love we need to survive. And survive we did from the root of our ancestry to today, the latest flowering buds of the family tree.
Tendrils the veins of life and love.

Fave. Love this metaphor. Thanks Robert.

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