The Aggressive One

The mighty one who caused the destruction of the once proud city, sat on a pile of rubble, meditating upon his rise to infamy.  The paltry pillars that once supported magnificent palaces looked like charred trees, crying and ashamed of their nakedness.  He hung his head and looked at the ground until he heard a voice from the distance.  He looked up, but could see nothing.
The voice said, “You are a victim of your own aggression.  I saw it work within you when you were still a school boy.  I could see the transpiration in your heart.  It helped you become the most learned of your class.  You used it to pick yourself up and sustain your zest for life.  You married the most beautiful woman in the village.  You could afford to buy her extravagant gifts and support your family in a rightful manner.  Life was good to you when you used your power to work within civil limitations.
When you willed yourself to go beyond these limits is when your aggression started working against you.  You, the once proud school boy, let your lust for power and wealth control you.  You amassed powerful armies that raided neighboring villages and stole all their gold and land, not knowing of their careful underground plans to retaliate.  I offer my condolences to the death of you.”
Then as the voice began its ascension to the heavens again, he heard these departing words.
“Human Nature is aggressive
Human Nature is vulnerable
To the consequences of civil disobedience
Resign yourself to a peaceful restraint
Do not lose yourself on your
Proud journey through life."

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