The Wisdom of Motion
It is the way of the wind
It dances with the leaves
It carries secrets of the skies
And the lore of the forest
It is like a romantic gypsy
Telling stories from distant shores
It is an ageless traveler
Who wanders through the hills
As a messenger of heaven
It tells of its origin
God blessed the earth as he
Sent it on its journey

Featured in "Purpose Magazine." 2008 , "FreeXpression," 2012, "Storyteller," "Poet's Pen," and "Write On!!

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about 7 years

You are an enigma. Your humble self, the one I have known for many years, is the embodiment of an intelligent, sensitive, sweet and very special human being whom I am delighted to call my friend. I am pleasantly surprised to see the unique individual who very quietly walks the earth and spreads such resounding joy with poetry.
Sandy (Jen's mom)

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