What war?  Isn’t war a way of gaining something that you don’t have by means of force?   Shouldn’t it be fought by soldiers with the intent to kill other soldiers?  Shouldn’t it be isolated to soldiers with the intent not to harm citizens who want no part of the war?  After all it is a conflict of ideals between those who can’t find the satisfaction that peace gives to them.  Because they don’t know what it is, they have to take out their aggression on others who don’t know what it is.  Those who choose not to be involved, shouldn’t be included.  Women, children, and the elderly should have the right to be left alone and let the aggressors fight it out until every drop of impure animal blood is shed.
Shouldn’t war have rules and regulations as to who should be included in its function?  It can’t be an all out rampage that kills as many people as could be killed.  Where is the dignity in that?  It is easy to kill civilians.  They have no way of protecting themselves.  They are at peace with themselves and deserve to keep it.  Isn’t that what freedom is?  
Holy wars are the worst wars.  Everyone has their own belief about what really happened millions of years ago.  Different books have been written about what they think happened.  The Bible has as much credibility as the Koran does.  Every one was written with the intent to spread the word of God in a peaceful manner.  The source is real, but the proof still remains abstractive.   Since belief is built on assumptions, they are still righteous and thought of by super intelligent people with the intent of bringing humanity to a peaceful resolution.  Every religion was made by man, but grew from the word of God.  How could God favor one religion over the other?  Both were formed with a peaceful intent.  
How can love grow to be so belligerent?  Love equalizes all differences between cultures.  Animals grow to love other animals of another species by close association through a period of time.  That is natural.  Why can’t humans be natural and do it, also?
Muslims against Christians.  Both are proud of the religion that they chose to follow.  Shouldn’t that be enough?  Both are sacred.  Both are the word of God.  Both have love as the essence, except some radicals who think that the other religion is not good enough.  These radicals have disregarded the intent of religion and changed the ethics of war to prove their point.  Some don’t even know what they are fighting for.  They just love killing.  If they were ethical, they wouldn’t be killing civilians.  Where is the dignity in that?  
The way it is now, they have the upper hand.  They kill our civilians, but we are too dignified to kill theirs. They hide in hospitals, nurseries, behind their women and children and etc. so we can’t kill them.   If we stooped down to their level and fought their kind of war, we would have the upper hand.  We have the resources to kill millions of civilians, but our conscience won’t let us do it.  We still observe the ethics of war and life.
I can imagine what God thinks about all of that.  “I told you all that was going to happen.  You all are acting exactly according to the script.  I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen.”

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