That beast that won’t go away,
That hides in the bottom of the soul,
That mocks us and steals our fantasies,
That brings our dreams down to earth,
That quickens our pulse for fear of distress,
That deflates our egos and belittles us,
That is totally void of humor or kindness,
That berates us for making light of the darkness,
That removes all pretention from our lives,
That mocks us for our way of thinking,
That won’t let us live the way we want to,
That won’t open the gates to the land of dreams,
That won’t let us postpone the inevitable,
That forces us to look at the evil and the ugliness,
That won’t let us spruce them up,
That won’t go away and stay away,
That won’t let us live in our land of dreams,
That won’t let us hide from
The truth, that infallible beast.

I had to face the truth yesterday that I've been trying to avoid the last 16 years.

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