The Arrogant Cactus
I don’t need your sympathetic tears
Cascading down and touching me
From your blackened clouds up above
Leave me alone in my independence
The Sun Gods are my sole deity
With their radiant smiles and piercing eyes
The way they stay away from the clouds
Dressed up in their proud beauty
I’ve been living here on the desert when
Your forefathers were the distant future
Before stories were passed down in caves
Before the dirt mottled the rocks
When the gardens of the east were
Murdered by savage droughts
I stood here in the desert on my own
Without your mercy or your pity
Even though I’m not as beautiful as a rose
I am a story book of ancient history
The way I have kept my eternal body intact
While Mother Nature unleashed her fury
Although my thorns are an ugly sight
They kept predators away throughout the years
I am hearty, brave, durable
Self-sufficient, reliable, and strong
I am a proud and arrogant cactus

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