Mother Nature as if she
Wasn’t prominent already:
As if she was a beauty
Nestled in a sea of beauty,
A common lady with a common face,
A light shining on shiny lights,
An interlude between interludes,
A harbor within a harbor,
A dawn without a day to follow,
A rose shrouded by a multitude of roses,
A ripple overcome by a tidal wave,
Black on black, white on white,
Yellow on yellow, red on red.
As if she hides beneath it all.
She is proud of her beauty
As she heads for the night,
As she parades herself
Against the crimson skies,
Riding on her fiery steed,
As she pauses before her departure,
As she demands all eyes to be upon her,
As she beautifies her entrance into the night,
Like a princess amongst all commoners,
A peacock upstaging a vulture,
A hearty rose in a wilted garden,
A rainbow that follows the storm,
A painting with powerful arms
That drags the viewer into the picture
And leaves him gasping for air.
Yes, she is not at all common,
But on a quest to be the
Most prominent of them all.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

She is self healing
She is self expanding
She is self beautifying

Like you I love the beautiful
I love harmony and rhythm
The color wheel the monochromatic
The shades and shadows
The infinite and the finite

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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