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The Birth of a Religion

Braggart of the terrestrial world,
the grand master of the theologians,
the one whose eyes and ears
collect all the drama of the earth
and stuffs it in his big swollen head
to use it to impress his
fellow theologians,
the man who thinks he has
found God through his mind
and not in his heart,
is the culprit who
gave birth to a religion.
He can’t feel the spirit working inside.
He sees God only as an outside entity.
He sees the earth as rocks and dirt
and not a part of the holy order
of the works of the creator.
He attaches himself to his beliefs,
his assumptions based on
what he thinks the feeling is
because he read about it in books.
He gathers up his disciples
from his cunning speeches,
his knowledge about the world
and not the feeling he has in his heart.
He is a hypocrite who lacks humility.
He has to recognize the
spirit within himself,
use it to better himself,
then spread the news to others.
Then he realizes that love is
the consecration of religion,
and that he is only
a deliverer of love,
a truly religious man.

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