The Conquering

The mountain too high, too menacing,
Too complex, too intelligent,
Above the limits of the known,
The pride of the clerisy,
The highest rung on the ladder of the
Ascension of the pioneers of rhetoric,
A puzzle unsolvable and unconquerable,
Technology with bloodied razor teeth,
The beast of the now in its front yard,
Sneering at the intruders of his domain,
At the children at the gates
Of his knowledge,
Ready to pounce upon them and
Mock them in front of his peers
And cast them into slavery.

“Oh technology, look what you have done.
Thou hast made yourselves untouchable.”

Mountains too high are mountains conquerable. Conundrums are the lore of the clerisy that clarify themselves as they reach into the mind of man and stimulate his curiosity and invigorate his heart. Technology is a Goliath unaware of its own vulnerablility. The children climbing the ladders at the gates are the invaders of the untouchables’ privacy. They reach the summit through their own faith and newly found knowledge. Curiosity is their guide that leads them to their promised land. Technology can be conquered by the slaves of the their dominion as they climb that easy mountain up to its summit.

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