Vampire Party poopers popping out
From caskets and musty tombs about,
Trying to have fun on Halloween night,
No blood to drink, no jokes to recite,
Can’t dance nor laugh, just sit in a corner,
An all and out outcast party pooper foreigner.
Witches and goblins having such a blast,
Dancing and drinking past midnight past,
Party’s just gettin’ started. It’s fun, fun, fun.
But vampires go home afore the morning sun.
Won’t get invited next Halloween again.
Witches and goblins party 'til the very end.
Boo hoo, thou outcast vampire party pooper

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Robert L. Martin
3 months

Thanx Nelson. I wrote this one for the "Belt and Beyond" magazine.

Nelson D Reyes
3 months

Sheltering in has its consequences indeed!! Hmm...Good time to wear a glow in the dark orange mask?

Happy Halloween, Robert. Like.

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