The Relinquishment

The Relinquishment
She fought through the
Pain and suffering
With voices inside telling her
To keep punching
“Winners have big eyes and leather souls
Hardened to the hardness of the hardest
Life is a steep and merciless hill to climb
Come with me and share my point of view
With so much to gain and everything to lose
Come into my maze and find the end
Don’t ask why you were chosen to climb
It’s just that you happened to be there
You are of the ordinary with ordinary dreams
Your soul is the same color as all the rest
You live in the universe with lady luck
But sometimes misfortune is what she goes by.”
She gave it her all for many years
With smiles abound and heavy fists
But comes a time when enough is enough
When her beating is all that she can see
With her arms growing tired and weary
Time to throw in the towel, like all fighters
Relinquishment is all she had left
Good-by life, good-by sweet and bitter
Good-by, you beautiful merciless thing
Next time, pick on somebody else

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