Playful Rhythms

The darkness of the night had spread its garment over the city while my heavy eye-lids drew me closer to my bed.  I fought to stay awake, but finally surrendered to their authority.
Before my sub-consciousness could bring me before their images, I still could hear my telephone summoning me with its harsh ringing.  Its voices, though, were pleasant, because they belonged to my friends.  They invited me to accompany them to a concert.  I got dressed, ran downstairs, and met them at the auditorium just before the curtain went up.
The music was sublime.  The rhythm grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let me go.  Like the jaws of a playful puppy, it shook my head and moved my body.  As it played with me, I played with it, and the two of us were like enchanted lovers dancing until the dawn.
The melody took me on a journey through land and space.  It enfolded me with its soft and powerful wings that moved me across the waters, through the walls of the citadel, into the secrets of the caves, and up to the Kingdom of Heavenly bliss.  We danced as if time had stopped while our bodies kept swaying to the motion of our hearts.
The harmony warmed through me like a searing flame from an open hearth on a frigid winter’s night.  It kept me glued to the earth and drew me back in time.  I was an infant bewildered by the sounds of my mouth, a warrior brandishing his bloody sword, and a conductor guiding his orchestra to blend into one unit that floated up to the realm of the Gods with their music.
After the final note was sounded, the music still remained to be a part of me.  I welcomed it into my heart and soul like an infant that needs her milk.
As I walked home that night, my terrestrial dream had already saturated my being.  As I lay in my bed, the music became a sweet lullaby to my sub-consciousness that gave me my sound and peaceful sleep.
This old heart of mine, hardened by what life had thrown to me, softened on that night enough to let the pleasure of music rejuvenate my spirit.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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