The Delivery

The Delivery
Love and pleasure’s creation
The blossoming of a seed
Planted in my quiet and  
Peaceful refuge
Submerged in water
Living through a cord
Total maternal dependency
No thinking, just being
No worries, just floating
Life is a warm paradise
Then the tension starts to build
The water is draining out
I’m being tossed about
My house is shaking
I feel pain for the first time
Nature’s time to leave my home
I feel hands grabbing a hold
And pulling me through an opening
Brightness hurting my eyes
Somebody spanked me
And made me cry
The loudness is scaring me
Somebody cut my cord
My insides feel strange
What is happening to me?
Who are those smiling people
That keep staring at me?
Who’s that happy lady that’s crying?
I feel a strange connection to her
I want her to take me back home
To where I came from

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