The Dizzy Earth

Spinning and spinning
Days flashing by
Running into years
Epochs becoming a new day
Rotations holding speed
Future threats dissolved
Smoothed over by the turning
Media ghouls silenced
Lost in the forest of time
Overlooked by sainted eyes
Voices of the sages
Pandemics ancient history
New news old news
Entries into history books
Panic a fast moving river
Obliterated by the running
No time to dwell on the bad
Worry replaced by
Future’s Revelations
Hardship leading to prosperity
Prosperity back to hardship
The good the bad mixing together
The numbing of the anxiety
The thrill in the observations
Watching anxiety take form
The wisdom of its manifestations
The seeing of its manifestations
The introspection
The feeling the knowing
Spinning around on the dizzy earth

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