Passion’s Grip

A romp into the fires of Babylon,
A shedding of the skin of reason,
A blind journey into the unknown,
A pleasure for the fool of the begotten,
An enchantress calling his name,
A riling of the domestic slave,
A seasoning for the insipid appetite,
A medicine for the nomadic dreamer,
A wild steed to take him away,
A new air inside his lungs,
A breath amid the breath of the beastly,
A weakening of the pride of the good,
A breathtaking site to be a part of,
An uncharted course to the unexplored,
A hinterland beyond the alluring shores,
The red house amongst the white chapels,
The rumpled sheets in the chambre,
The landing place for the beast of pleasure,
The grip of passion,
The wild stallion in the spirit,
The headless horseman
With no reins in his sweaty palms,
Running, running, running, running

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