The Duty
Poets and musicians, chosen from the sun
Where voices cannot be heard for everyone
With pen in hand and minds open wide
They listen from morn’ til eventide
If within the hours from the dawn of the day
When words and music pour forth their way
Chosen for them, they sincerely must abide
Their most essential duty to stay in stride
Or if nocturnal dreams knock at their doors
Passing through swamps and o’er the moors
In a selfish manner, break up a peaceful sleep
Navigating a charted course, a promise to keep
But coming into the midst, what words sublime
Broken into fragments into palpitating rhyme
Love poems for milady, her slender hand to gain
Coming out of the storm and in from the rain
Duty so draining, though duty so exhilarating
Duty so riveting, though duty so exalting
Duty so lonely, though duty so contented
They rest their souls upon what they have done

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